The Vermont Brain Bee (VBB) is a competition and a day of exploration for high school students with interests in neuroscience and the inner workings of the brain. These students can demonstrate their knowledge at the annual Vermont Brain Bee held at the University of Vermont each February.

We have held 11 Annual Vermont Brain Bees, going from 11 students from 3 schools participating in 2010, to 48 students from 8 schools participating this past February, 2019. Over the past eleven years, more than 380 students have participated in the Vermont Brain Bee. This event has even inspired many to pursue neuroscience as a career.

There are now more than 60 competitors at the National level – proof that high school students’ interest in neuroscience has grown across the country! We’d love to reach more students in more rural parts of the state so that they, too, can participate in this exceptional and exciting, educational program that has an impact on each of their futures in science. Best of all, this event is free!