Make a donation to Vermont Brain Bee, Inc.!

Your money supports Vermont Neuroscience Outreach for high school students!  This November, we made this organization into a small non-profit 501 – 3c which allows us to do more high school  outreach events that have been happening and are listed.  You can donate directly by clicking ‘Here’ above.


  •        Your donation helps support the running of the Vermont Brain Bee and the important work the Vermont Brain Bee committee does to encourage and motivate high school students from 8-12 high schools in learning about neuroscience and the BRAIN –     how it works for them and everyone else alive!
  •      Your donation is also important for other Neuroscience Outreach to happen. Last December 14, 2017, ‘Neuroscience Afternoon’ was run at Bellows Falls Union High School with students from Brattleboro High School attending.  Two neuroscientists from Chroma Technologies from Westminster and Chris Diak, a junior from Middlebury College were able to excite about 30 students about some current neuroscience topics.
  •      This year,  on October 20th, 2019, ‘Discover the Brain Day’ was held at Burlington High School with students from Burlington, South Burlington, Milton, Essex and Rice High School.  Staff and several undergraduate students from Saint Michael’s College helped to make this an exciting day for the high school students.
  • More outreach is in the making – stay tuned!
  • And THANKS for helping to keep our youth engaged in neuroscience!
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