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  • On 10/20/18, “Discover The Brain Day” is being held at Burlington High School. Neuroscience professor, Ruth Fabian-Fine and neuroscience undergraduates from St. Michael’s College will be exploring exciting brain facts with high school students from several VT high schools!
  • On 4/30/15, at Bicentennial Hall, Middlebury College, a fantastic 20 minute Google Hangout session was held with Dr. David Eagleman, best-selling neuroscience author of “Incognito – Secret Lives of the Brain” and recent TED Talk host of “Can we create new senses for humans?” Watch it here: http://www.ted.com/…/david_eagleman_can_we_create_new_sense… .
    It’s awesome as is his website – eagleman.com where you can learn about ‘Brain Check’, his soon to be released Concussion
    program, Neurolaw, and coming up are fall episodes about the Brain on PBS..
  • Former Vermont Brain Bee Participant Organizes Boston Symposium on Music and the Brain,  Two-time Vermont Brain Bee runner-up Kameron Clayton is a junior at Boston University where he double-majors in neuroscience and music, two subjects that he is very passionate about. His passion inspired him to organize the 2014 Boston University Music and the Brain Symposium, which showcased current research and future directions in the increasingly popular study of music’s effect on the brain. Panelists included leading neuroscientists in the field such as Gottfried Schlaug, Aniruddh Patel and Robert Zatorre. The event also featured a concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet.  Read more about Kameron and the BU Music and the Brain Symposium >>
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