Friday and Saturday, February 8 + 9; Neuroscience, Behavior, and Health Forum

February from 8:30-3:30 – the Neuroscience, Behavior and Health Forum is happening in the Davis Center, at UVM in Burlington, VT.

Any interested high school students, their teachers, entire classes and parents are welcome to attend at no charge.  BUT all individuals must be registered.   Info TBA

Several things are being planned:

– Approximately 40 posters will be exhibited and certain ones will be chosen for students to judge.

-Graduate student talks still to be determined.

On this day, area experts will convene to communicate and share current neuroscience findings.  ‘Students’ – get excited to view and learn about current research that’s being done in the fields of neuroscience, behavior, and health!

Check out event page at a later date.


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