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OUR BRAINS:  How They Change!

Lisa Bernardin

Vermont Brain Bee Program Coordinator

In 1985, I sustained a severe head injury in a motor vehicle accident. At age 30, I had a nice life – employed by UVM, successful with my athletic endeavors and social life.  All that changed in a matter of seconds….. Then, seven years ago, I became active in promoting education and awareness about brain health and the field of neuroscience. As part of my efforts, I have developed presentations for all ages that will give them the opportunity to:

Lisa Bernardin describing her TBI experience

  • Hear the history of my journey of surviving and recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Learn about how my brain has changed in response to trauma and recovery, and how it compares to the non-traumatized brain.
  • Learn how to protect the brain from injury and get tips on general brain health.
  • Hear about how Brain Science/Brain Bee clubs are used to promote learning about the fascinating field of brain science.
  • Get information about other regional activities available for neuroscience education.

A 30-60 minute presentation can be scheduled by contacting me at the email or phone listed below.

Lisa Bernardin

Vermont Brain Bee Coordinator

(802) 388-2720

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